I host and contribute to a wide range of workshops, seminars and events. Below you can find a list of where you can find me in the near future:
Writing Mindset Series (3): Creating habits and routines to support your writing

20th August 2021

There are many schools of thought on what constitutes a ‘regular’ writing practice but we all have different constraints on our time, space, resources and level of focus. This workshop will explore a range of different strategies for building writing into our everyday lives (not necessarily every day or even every week). Building and sustaining impactful habits and routines, not only for writing, but to support our mental and physical well-being, will improve personal effectiveness and boost self-regulation.

BAM2021 Conference – Professional Developmental Workshop (PDW) 

Developing Inter-personal skills for Conducting Qualitative Research Interviews

3rd September 2021

This course provides a practical and supportive guide for those wishing to use research interviews to collect qualitative data. In this session we will hear from a range of researchers about their experience of interviewing in both routine and more challenging circumstances and explore the inter-personal skills which we use to collect interview data.

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