Facilitated Writing Retreats

Virtual or in person, writing with a community demystifies the process of writing

Writing up research is a lonely process, even more so as we struggle to maintain relationships during a global pandemic. Writing retreats are a great way to share the experience with other colleagues in a productive and meaningful way. Writing is hard, certainly not glamorous and very easy to put off. Creating supportive relationships with a group of fellow writers will help to create a different layer of motivation for making progress. You are not only writing for yourself, you are writing to cheer each other on. I facilitate single and multi-day, virtual or in-person, writing retreats where I will help you and your colleagues set realistic goals for your writing, improve your writing mindset, and of course, do a lot of writing through sturctured writing sessions.

Who are writing retreats for:

Writing retreats are useful to academics of all levels of experience. My facilitated writing retreats are adapted from the structured writing retreat model developed by Rowena Murray with a balanced approach to writing and intentional breaks. The focus of the writing sessions is for participants to work on their individual writing projects in a facilitated safe space.

Benefits :

  • Writing retreats provide dedicated time for writing, intentionally putting your writing as the top priority for the day(s) and make progress.
  • Creates motivation by becoming part of a community of writers, sharing goals and achievements
  • Sharing the experience of writing with others demystifies the process of writing. It is an opportunity to share challenges and overcome barriers experienced by many.
  • Help you develop strategies to help you stay on track with your writing
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In-person retreats

Facilitation only or a full organisation package

The ideal residential retreat includes around 20 participants over 2.5 days. Accommodation and meals included to create the ideal environment where all they have to think about it writing.

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Virtual retreat

Facilitated on any video conferencing platform

Sometimes it is not possible to be together in person, but there are plenty of options to re-create the writing retreat experience where participants can join from their own homes or workspaces.

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Writing mindset workshops

Interactive workshops exploring common psychological barriers to writing

Suggested topics:

  • Overcoming psychological barriers to academic writing
  • Writing for resilience
  • Creating habits and routines to support your writing

“Writing retreats provide dedicated time for writing, intentionally putting your writing as the top priority for the day(s) and make progress.

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